Current Stock IN NY: Updated 3/30/2017

If you are a retail customer looking for a trailer, please call us. We will direct you to a dealer near you.





Freight into NY Stock is $150.00-$200.00 from PA




Dump Insert: Count 2
Bri-Mar DI100-8 Dump Insert- 8 ft Box: SO 40298
Bri-Mar DI100-8 Dump Insert- 8 ft Box: SO 40304

LE Series: Count 6
Bri-mar DT610LPLE10A Dump Trailer: Combo, Ramps, D Rings: SO 42009

Bri-Mar DT610LPLE7A Dump Trailer with Combo, Ramps And Drings: SO 39870
Bri-Mar DT610LPLE10C Dump Trailer with Combo SO 40708
Bri-mar DT712LPLE10A Dump Trailer: LE Series (Combo/Ramps/Drings) : SO 40167
Bri-mar DT712LPLE12A Dump Trailer: LE Series (Combo/Ramps/Drings) : SO 41766
Bri-mar DT714LPLE14A Dump Trailer: LE Series(Combo/Ramps/Drings/Adjust Coupler) : SO 41672
LPHD Series: Count 2
Bri-Mar DT714LPHD14A Dump Trailer With Combo Ramps and Drings (HD Commercial Grade): SO 39249
Bri-Mar DT716LPHD14 Dump Trailer 14 HD Series- Combo Ramps and D rings:  SO 39509
LP Series: Count 3
Bri-Mar DT508LP-5 Dump Trailer:  SO 40691
Bri-Mar DT610LP-10A Dump Trailer: SO 39522
Bri-Mar DT612LP-10 Dump Trailer With Combo, Ramps and D rings ( NON LE VERSION): SO 38934
DLP Series: Count 3
Bwise DLP12-15 15 K Dump Trailer with 3 Way Combo Gate/ Ramps/ Drings SO 39438
Bwise DLP10-10 With One Piece Gate SO: 39529 - RED/HT Gray
Bwise DLP8-5 5x8 Dump Trailer SO: 40052



UTE Series: Count 2

Bri-Mar UTE610 Utility Trailer: SO 39836
Bri-Mar UTE616 Utility Trailer: SO 39123
Bri-Mar UT612 Utility Trailer - SO 40652
BWISE U58-3 Utility Trailer - SO 40914
BWISE U610 Utility Trailer - SO 39898
BWISE UATV14-3 UTV Trailer - SO 39903
BWISE USS510-3 Solid Side Utility Trailer - SO 39893
L Series: Count 2
Bwise L18-7 Landscape Trailer - SO 39561
Bwise L14-7 Landscape Trailer - SO 40817